Filler Specialties 24/8 AWFS Filler/Screw Capper

Portland, OR

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Item is a used, Filler Specialties, monoblock filler/screw capper. Machine is equiped with 24 - 5/8 filling valves and 6 capping heads.The capping heads are currently set up with 28mm capping heads. Previous use was single serve water bottles and change parts for .5 liter, 1.0 liter, and 1.5 liter are included with the machine. The machine is equipped with neck supports to accomodate light-weight PET bottles. Machine is counter-clockwise rotation operating from right to left. It is equipped with a waterfall style cap hopper/elevator/sorter. Product level control in the reservoir is controlled with a Ladish/Tri-Clover pneumatic, throttling valve. This is a gear-drive machine of all stainless steel construction. Machine is rated to run up to 200 BPM on .5 liter bottles of water. Power requirement is 230 volt/3-phase. Dimensions (base) L=89", W=58". W (with feedscrew and conveyor)= 62".


ManufacturerFiller Specialties
Model24/8 AWFS Filler/Screw Capper
Stock Number7494