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NS Letina 7 bbl Combi Brewhouse

NS Letina 7 bbl Combi Brewhouse

Item is a new stock Letina 7 bbl skid mounted brewhouse. The system is designed and manufactured in Europe. Included are the following: - 7 bbl - skid mounted - brewkettle / whirlpool - 1400 lit - steam jacketed, insulated, stainless clad - top manhole door - tangential inlets - mash / lauter tun - upper compartment of combi tank - insulated, stainless clad - gearmotor with rake - milled screen bottom - rectangular side manway door - hot liquor tank - lower compartment of combi tank - 1200 lit - insulated, stainless clad - oval side manway door - process piping, valves, fittings - 2 pumps - heat exchanger, dual stage - control panel - platform with stairs - material AISI 304 Lead time is approx 20 weeks and price is offered fob Portland Oregon... More Details >>

Other Featured Items
GAI Monoblock Filler/Corker

GAI Monoblock Filler/Corker

Item is a used, GAI monoblock filler/corker. This is a 12 valve machine with a single head corker. The machine was manufactured in 1996. The machine is equipped with a gas sparger and leveler. It has the OSHA guarding package with interlocks and an external vacuum pump. Included with the machine are 750ml and 1.5L change parts. An external cartridge filter is also included for final product filtration prior to filling. The machine is set up for 230 volt 3 phase power. (THIS MACHINE IS PART OF WINE FILLING LINE ITEM NUMBER 6697)

McDowell 201 Case Erector

McDowell 201 Case Erector

Item is a used, McDowell, model 201, hot melt glue case erector. This is a fully automatic machine. It is equipped with a Nordson model 3400 hot melt glue system. It is equipped with a safety interlock on the lift up guarding panel. The machine was previously running cartons for a 2x3 pack of industrial round gallons. The machine was removed from service due to change in line layout. Machine is fully functional-run ready. Manual included as well as some spare parts and vacuum cups.

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