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Used Meheen Tank Manager - Item #7377

2 Available - These are used Meheen Tank Managers. They are designed to precisely control CO2 levels in the product while in the brite tank. Each tank manager is desinged to control two tanks. Meheen describes these as follows: "The Meheen Tank Manager was designed to help brew masters monitor and control their product by precisely managing temperature and carbonation levels both in product and in tank head space. The Tank Manager will become an invaluable partner, allowing you to achieve consistent production while eliminating the time consuming steps of manual carbonation. Just like your thermostat at home, set the Meheen Tank Manager to your exact CO2 specifications and be ready to bottle or keg your beverage in no time." New cost for these units is over $8,000 each. Price is per unit.

New Stock - 90 bbl Fermenter - Item #6702

New Stock - 90 bbl Fermenter 90 bbl Fermenter - Stainless Steel 304, welded exterior, 3-zone jacket (cone and sidewall), insulated & S/S clad,15 psi operating pressure, side manway, 60 degree cone, thermowell, pressure/vacuum relief valve, racking arm, sampling valve, CIP arm & sprayball, clamps, gaskets, pressure gauge, two butterfly valves, 25% free headroom, 4 legs, Adjustable feet. Dimensions TBD

Used 5600 Gal Jacketed storage tanks - Item #7419

2 Available - These are used 5600 gallon closed top jacketed wine tanks. These are outfitted with bottom side manway door and racking door along with top manway door. They have a total discharge port as well as a racking port. These are outfitted with channel style glycol jackets and sit on removable tank stands. These were last used in a winery and are in very good shape. 2 available - Price is per tank. Dimensions - 112in OD x 11ft8in + 20in for stands 4 in reduced to 2in bottom discharge 20in bottom round door 22in x 17in offset oval door Mild steel frame with 7 legs (i in the middle) Racking port Two cooling jackets

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If you are in the market for commercial beverage equipment to start up or expand your business, Ager Tank & Equipment can help. We carry a wide range of high quality new and used beverage processing equipment, from cappers and filling lines to labelers, palletizers, case erectors and other packaging equipment — all at a fair price. Put our experience with commercial beverage processing equipment to work for you.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you need on our site, please send us an email (or call 503-222-7079) with details and we will help you find it.

And if you’re upgrading, let us know — we buy used good quality commercial bottling and beverage handling equipment too!