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PACO S/S Pump - Item #7250

Item is a used, PACO, S/S centrifugal pump with 2" x 1 1/2" flanged ports. Motor is 5 HP Baldor, 3450 RPM, 230/460 volt- 3 phase. Comes with power cord. Previous use/distillery.

Used 7 bbl JV NW Brewery - Item #7324

Item is a used JV Northwest 7 bbl brewsystem. This system was installed in it's current location in 2015 and remains in good used condition. Included are the following: -JV Northwest direct fired brewkettle/whirlpool, 94in tall x 64in od -Economite model DS45B burner (natural gas) -JV Northwest combi vessel with approx 10 bbl HLT on bottom and mlt on top. HLT is insulated but not heated and appears to have been rebuilt at some time. MLT has hinged lid, 3 piece wedge wire screen, hydrater and sparge arm with cip, 88in tall x 58in od -Brewhouse platform -Brewhouse control panel -3ft deep plus 3ft stairs (add 10in for panel) x 54in wide and 92in tall to top of the brewhouse control panel -Thermaline single stage heat exchanger mounted on stainless stand with aeration stone/sight glass -Kettle pump, vorlauf pump, and AMT hot water pump -(4) 7 bbl BSV fermenters with valves and fittings, new in 2015, dual zone jackets, 60 degree cones, side shadowless manway, cip, dry hop ports, and rotating racking arms, 99in talll x 42in od (1) JV Northwest 15 bbl fermenter with dual zone jacket, 45 degree cone, side shadowless manway, valves/fittings, 12ft tall x 48in od -digital flow meter -Miscellaneaous stainless piping and brewers hose -Miscellaneous fittings and clamps -(8) BSV 7 bbl single wall serving tanks with valves, fittings, cip, prv, carbstones, and samle valves -BSV 3 head semi auto keg washer with three reservoirs, heater, two pumps, and plc control -PRO glycol chiller, 7.5hp, 1999 construction, indoor/outdoor unit, stainless clad -Control tec cellar control panel set up for 6 tanks -Portable thomsen pump on cart with vfd - used for beer transfer and cip

Metler-Toledo Floor Scale - Item #7253

Item is a used Metler-Toledo 5000# floor scale w/digital readout (model IND236). The floor deck is 60" x 60". System manufactured 12-12-14 and has seen very limited use.

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Whether you are starting up a craft microbrewery or expanding an existing industrial beer brewing operation, Ager Tank & Equipment is the source for a wide range of high quality new and used commercial brewery equipment, from kettles and mash tuns to stainless steel beer fermentation and mix tanks to packaging equipment like fillers, cappers and case handling machinery. Our expertise with brewing process equipment can save you time and money on expansions and upgrades — and at a fair price.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you need on our site, please send us an email (or call 503-222-7079) with details and we will help you find it.

And if you’re upgrading, let us know — we buy used good quality commercial brewhouse equipment too!