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30 bbl BSV Fermenter - New Stock - Item #6282

Item is a new stock 30 bbl BSV jacketed fermenter. 30 bbl Fermenter - Stainless Steel 304, welded exterior, 2-zone jacket (cone and sidewall), insulated & S/S clad,15 psi operating pressure, side manway, 60 degree cone, thermometer, thermowell, pressure/vacuum relief valve, racking arm, sampling valve, CIP arm & sprayball, clamps, gaskets, pressure gauge, three butterfly valves, 25% free headroom, 4 legs, Adjustable feet. *Build time is 16 weeks but we often have these in stock and available for immediate shipment.

NS Novaflex Brewers Hose - Item #6931

Item is a lot of Novaflex 6506 Connoisseurs Food and Beverage Hose. The lot includes (5) 20ft. sections with sanitary 1-1/2in T/C fittings. Hose is crush resistant suction and discharge.

20 bbl brewhouse - New Stock - Item #6329

Item is a new 20 bbl 2 vessel steam heated brewsystem. This system is configured for single temperature infusion and includes the following items: -20bbl Mash/ Lauter tun - insulated, stainless clad, #4 finish, side manway door for grain out, top manway door, top mounted variable speed drive with rake and grain out blades, flat frame floor, wedgewire screen, underscreen CIP -Integrated grant, pre-piped with small transfer pump -20bbl Brewkettle/whirlpool - steam jacketed, insulated, stainless clad, #4 finish, dual zone jackets, top manway door, tangential whirlpool inlet, center flange on top for kettle vent -40 bbl hot liquor tank - steam calaandria, insulated, stainless clad, #4 finish, top manway door -Sanitary dual stage heat exchanger with aeration stone and sight glass -Brewhouse platform and touchscreen control panel with PLC interface with map -Brewhouse kettle pump (3hp), HLT pump, and grant pump(1/4hp) -Brewhouse piping, valves, clamps, fittings -Portable transfer pump on cart for cip and misc product transfer *Stainless steel grist case on legs - Add $4860 *20 bbl cold liquor tank - Add $9200 The brewhouse is built locally, fabricated and assembled in Portland, Oregon. Lead time is approximately 20 weeks and terms are 50% deposit with order and balance due prior to shipment. Custom features can be added at cost.

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Whether you are starting up a craft microbrewery or expanding an existing industrial beer brewing operation, Ager Tank & Equipment is the source for a wide range of high quality new and used commercial brewery equipment, from kettles and mash tuns to stainless steel beer fermentation and mix tanks to packaging equipment like fillers, cappers and case handling machinery. Our expertise with brewing process equipment can save you time and money on expansions and upgrades — and at a fair price.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so if you don’t see what you need on our site, please send us an email (or call 503-222-7079) with details and we will help you find it.

And if you’re upgrading, let us know — we buy used good quality commercial brewhouse equipment too!