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3M Top/Bottom Taper - Item #6737

Item is a used, 3M semiautomatic, top/bottom case taper. The machine uses two drive belts to push the bottom of the case through the tape heads. 120 volt - single phase power requirement.

Quadrell M-3 Wrap Labeler - Item #6793

Item is a used, Quadrel, model m-3, single head wrap labeler. This is a fully automatic machine and utilizes a Model Q-10 labeling head (right hand). It has a stainless steel frame and an integral 8 foot long, variable speed conveyor. It is equipped with a variable speed interval timing disk. It is capable of applying a 7 inch high label and is equipped with aq wrap station. The power requirement is 120 VAC-single phase.

Cime Careddu Can filler/Seamer - Item #6659

New Stock - Cime Careddu can filler seamer for Beer and carbonated beverages in cans. Ager Tank & Equipment Co. is the US representative for Cime Careddu. Cime offers competitively filling, canning equipment for the beer, wine, and other beverage industries. This quote is for a Cime Diamond 8/1 can filler/seamer. Specifications are as follows - Model: MONOBLOCK FOR CANS “DIAMOND 8/1” Speed: 3.600 cans/h based on 0,33 – 0,5 lt Product: Beer / Soft drinks Filling temperature: +2°C / 4°C Voltage: 220/60 HZ 3-Phase Rotation direction: clock-wise (left to right) Working surface height: 1.000 +/- 50 mm Conveyor belt: 100 x 100 mm MACHINE COMPLETE OF:  Basis equipment for can 0,33 lt aluminium  Filling machine for cans with 8 filling valves with pre-filling inert gas flushing function.  Filling tank tested PED run. Tank is fully manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and the interior surface of the tank is completely mirror polished to allow easy and safe sterilization.  Electric lifting head filling machine  Seamer 1-head to apply lids on aluminium cans 0,33 lt (other can sizes available)  Undercover CO2-injection device  Manual lifting head seamer machine This machine is quoted in 8/1 format but larger sizes are available. Key features include- -co2 or nitrogen flushing to eliminate oxygen prior to fill -undercan gassing of c02 prior to seaming -standard safety guards MANUFACTURERS DESCRIPTION OF THIS UNIT- The monoblock Diamond 8/1 has been designed and manufactured for the treatment of cylindrical aluminium cans. This monoblock enables filling and seaming all types of products, both the carbonated ones and those without CO2. All details of the filling valve have been carefully designed to reach very good filling and as simple assembly and disassembly as possible. The height adjustment of the filler is complete and electrical; the filling head and the cam holding ring lift and sink in synchronous. Through the infeed scroll and the starwheel at the filler inlet the cans are placed on the cups in correspondence to the filling valves that work with a pneumatic system recycling the compressed air, which has been previously filtered and lubricated, to obtain supple descent of the filling valve centering to avoid any shock that could damage the mouth of the can. A cam guaranteeing a perfect tightness between the filling valve and the can is used for the descent. After the filling and the degasing of the can, a cam lifts the filling valve centering so letting the full can enter the outlet starwheel of the filler and reach the conveyor belt transferring it to the seamer. The cans are conveyed through the filler with an inlet scroll and an outlet chain avoiding any sudden movements to prevent the product from coming out from the containers. The filled cans are transported by the existing transport system and fed to the seaming station. At the same time a lid is automatically destacked from the pile magazine and fed below the seaming chuck. When both, can and lid, reached their final position the can is clamped by means of an lifting cylinder, set into rotation and seamed automatically by 4 seaming rollers. A reliable, airtight double seam will be effected. After seaming is completed, the can is lowered and ready for discharge. The change parts are designed for fast and frequent change-over in diameter, this takes just a few minutes. Height change will be effected in less than 1 minute. The motorization is controlled through a motor from the seamer and is completely synchronized with the filler. Inside the chassis all parts forming the motorization are in oil bath. The material coating the equipment is stainless steel AISI 304 (safety enclosure, coating and control board). All parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304 (AISI 316 by request) and the plastic material that could get in contact with the product is specific for food usage. An electrical variable speed inverter for the electrical adjustment of the machine speed through a potentiometer is located inside the control board. The display allows visualizing all information concerning the bottling and also any alarm on the equipment (safety guards open, lack of cans, accumulation of cans). Thanks to its compactness, state-of the-art technology and low to average throughput, this equipment meets the needs of all small to average producers offering them the same performance of big equipment yet at reasonable price and dimensions. Options available include: GRAVITY CAN RINSER - Inlet height : 3550 mm - Exit height : 1100 mm Features: - Rinsing with water or steam - AISI 304 stainless steel made - Length : 3000mm - Base support on the floor Aisi 304 - Height adjustable - configured for cans 355ml (other sizes available) - Tank to collect the rinsing water with discharge pipe -Extra set of size parts for another diameter of body of can for filler+seamer - -Extra set of size parts for another diameter of lid of can for filler+seamer - -8 dummy bottles for the filler - -Supplemental CAM for CIP that keep opened the CO2 discharge valves - -8 filling pipes for different level in the can - -Infeed photocell (for lack of can) and exit photocell (for over-flow of can) – pair - Price offered FOB Factory Italy - shipping quotes provided upon request. Install - Customer can fly to factory and spend a day training on the machine at the factory - customer responsible for flight, hotel, food, and incidentals. No charge for factory training. Factory can send a technician to the customers facility to assist in install and training. Cost to be determined but figure $4500 plus airfare for three days of install. Warranty - 12 months from the date of running test (provided that the running test occurs within 60 days from the date of delivery and no later) for an eight-hour shift. The guarantee is limited to the free replacement of the unusable mechanical parts and ascertained material or processing defect. The guarantee is not valid if the machine has been tampered with. The hours necessary for repair, journey, board and lodging expenses to be borne by the buyer.

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