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Used 7 bbl GSS Brewsystem - Item #7230

Item is a used 7 bbl dkid mounted brewhouse with support equipment. We sold this system new in 2015 and it has seen very limited use in a smalll brewpub since that time. The system was built in Oregon by GSS and remains in excellent shape. Included are the following: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Used 7 bbl skid mount steam heated brewhouse. The brewhouse is built locally, fabricated and assembled in Portland, Oregon. This compact skid mounted system is intended to fit into a relatively small space, allowing room for additional fermenters or floor space in a pub. It has been designed to make the installation as quick and easy as possible. The unit comes pre-piped so there is no “on-site” manufacturing. The pre-piping also allows for less use of hoses in the brewery, making for a much safer less cluttered work area. The system will include a “closed” grant with a sight port at one end and a hi/lo pump control. A small pump will either recirculate the wort, or pump it over to the kettle. The Main pump will act as a brewhouse cip pump, hot liquor pump, whirlpool pump, and transfer pump through the heat exchanger to the fermenters. Also included on the skid is a platform to access the manways of the kettle and the mash/lauter tun, the Control panel, which will house the temperature controls for the kettle and HL tanks, and the pump controls, a grist hydrator and hot and cold water mix station. Item is a new 7 bbl steam fired brewhouse. This system is configured for single temperature infusion and includes the following items: -7 bbl Mash/ Lauter tun Hot Liquor Tank combi vessel - insulated, stainless clad, #4 finish, side manway door for grain out, grant, side door for HLT, steam heated with calandria in HLT -7 bbl Brewkettle/whirlpool - steam jacketed, insulated, stainless clad, #4 finish, dual zone jackets, top manway door -Stainless sanitary heat exchanger with aeration stone and sight glass -Brewhouse platform and control panel with digital temperature controllers for brewkettle and hot liquor tank, and motor starters for pumps -Brewhouse pump, and grant pump -Brewhouse piping, valves, clamps, fittings Additional: -Weil McLain EGH85 low pressure steam boiler -Brewhouse cellar package with (5) 10ft sections of brewers hose along with miscellaneous fittings and clamps -1.5hp thomseon pump on cart for cip and beer transfer -G&D 7hp glycol chiller -Brewhouse cellar control panel set up to control (8) tanks -Apollo 2 roll mill with hopper and boot -Choretime auger to convey grain from the Apollo mill to the hydrator Additional items at additional cost: (2) 15 bbl BSV Fermenters - (1) 15 bbl BSV bbt - 12ft x 18ft walk in cooler with fan unit - GSS Manual keg washer -

(4) available - Used Letina 10200L tanks - Item #7229

4 available - these are used Letina (10,200 L) 2700gal closed top jacketed storage tanks. These tanks were installed approximately 2015 and are now being replced with larger tanks. These were used in a winery and remain in excellent shape. Quote price is per tank. - volume approx. 10200 lit - coat diameter 2230 mm, height 2500 mm - total height approx. 3500 mm - 4 legs, height 500 mm, closed - conical centered bottom - conical off-centered top - manhole cover, dia. 200 mm - breath valve, DIN 50 - ladder support - type plate with note card - thermometer, analog - sample tap, DIN 15 - level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled - manway door, oval 440 x 340 mm, type CL - cooling jacket, 7 m2, max. 2.5 bara - thermowell - partial discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2" - total discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2" - material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle polished outside

Stone trayformer - Item #6237

Item is a used, Stone Packaging Machinery model TE 700 VF-M, automatic trayformer. Machine is equipped with a Nordson model 3400 hot melt glue system. The machine was previously utilized in a bottled water facility and comes with mandrels for a 24 pack of 500 ml bottles and a 24 pack for 16 and 20 oz. bottles (same diameter). Approximate dimensions are 9\' long by 4.5\' wide. Operating voltage is 460 volt, 3 phase.

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Ager Tank & Equipment is your source for high-quality new and used commercial winery industry equipment. We carry an ever-changing range of stainless steel wine fermenting tanks, cappers, labelers and neck banders, bottle fillers, crushers/destemmers, as well as case handling and palletizing equipment to suit the needs of startup wineries as well as the successful vintner looking to expand capabilities — all at a fair price.

We're also the exclusive West Coast dealer for brand new, precision-built Letina stainless steel tanks and equipment. We've got a great selection of closed top, variable capacity and blending tanks on our showroom floor in a variety of configurations, ready to ship. Check out our current inventory by clicking here.

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