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New Stock - 30 bbl 4-vessel brewhouse

New Stock - 30 bbl 4-vessel brewhouse 




New Stock - 30 bbl 4-vessel brewhouse. This is a new stock 30 bbl brewhouse that is built to order. Current build time is 20 weeks. Included are the following items - Grist Case - 3000 lb. capacity, top manway, 4 in. inlet, 4 in. outlet, top vent, legs with pads for load cells Mash Kettle - Steam jackets designed to heat mash 2.5-3 degrees per minute (F), Agitator/Stirring blade with drive, flow meter and h/c water mixer with temperature gauge to tank and hydrator, insulated and clad with #4 s/s, cip Lauter Tun - Flat frame floor, drive for rake assembly and grain out arm, forward//reverse, Up/down (6 in.), wedgewire screen, underscreen CIP, bottom opening grain out door (automatic), six drain ports to collector, sparge system, CIP, closed grant with sightglass and diaphragm type metering valve, flow meter and h/c water mixer with temperature gauge, 16in. x 20in. top wing type door, insulated and clad with #4 s/s Brewkettle - Internal steam calandria, steam jacket on bottom cone, 20in. top manway, insulated and clad with #4 s/s, 2in. drain, 1-1/2in. inlet, 12in. stack opening with drip ring (14in. stack size), spinner type CIP system Whirlpool tank - Single wall, spinner type CIP system, 1-1/2in. tangential inlet, 2in. outlet, stainless legs with oversize foot pads Hot liquor tank - 90 bbl capacity (2800 gallons), side manway, internal steam calandria, CIP system, internal overflow vent, legs, insulated and clad with #4 s/s Heat exchanger - Dual stage with aeration stone, temperature gauge, diaphragm type flow valve Vorlauf pump - 1/2hp Kettle pump - 6in. 3hp Mash pump - 8in. 5hp Whirlpool pump - 6in. 3hp HL pump - 6in. 3hp Control panel - PLC interface with map, all starters and VFD controls for five pumps and two drives, all temperature controls, mash program interface with two programs, Gear drives, pumps, and sensors are all pre wired to the panel Platform - Fiber grate deck, 1-1/2in. handrail, brewers sink, lighted sight tube with sample valve and test station Air and Manual Valves and Piping - Air Valves - Water: -Mash Kettle: @hydrator on/off @inlet on/off @outlet to LT -Lauter Tun: @sparge on/off @outlet on/off @divert, vorlauf/kettle -Brewkettle: @drain to whirlpool -Whirlpool: @divert, whirlpool/heat exchanger @drain to heat exchanger Manual Valves- Water: -Globe valves for flow and temperature adjustment at mash kettle and lauter tun -CIP and Underscreen via manifold -Diaphragm at vorlauf and heat exchanger -Individual tank drains at pumps or piping traps Piping - Sanitary tube through out system, 1in, 1-1/2in, 2in, 3in as designed from mash kettle to heat exchanger

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