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Waukesha/SPX 060UI Pump 7433 Waukesha/SPX 060UI Pump Winery, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Waukesha/SPX, model 060UI, positive displacement pump. This is the pump only. It is not currently matged to a drive, but this can be done at additional cost. The gear box on the pump has recently been rebuilt and the pump has not been put back into service since.
Waukesha/SPX 060UI 7432 Waukesha/SPX 060UI Winery, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used Waukesha/SPX model 060)UI pump. This is the pump only. It is not currently mated to a drive. This can be done at additional cost. The gear case was recently rebuilt and the pump has not been put into service since.
USed 15 bbl Prospero BrewPro Brewhouse 7431 USed 15 bbl Prospero BrewPro Brewhouse Winery, Brewing, Beverage more info
Prospero BrewPro BH2 15 bbl brewsystem. Item is a used Prospero BrewPro Technologies 15 bbl steam heated brewhouse. This system was built new in 2013 and installed in 2014. It is in excellent condition having seen little use. Specifications are as follows: Brewkettle/whirlpool – 705 gallon capacity – insulated and stainless clad with 2 zone steam jacket, top manway door, tank light, condensate drip ring, center vent, CIP, steam piping with solenoid(s), probes, and steam traps still in place. Combination mashmixer/lauter tun and hot liquor tank – 417 gallon MLT on top with steam jacket, insulation and stainless cladding, top manway door, side manway door for grainout, multi-piece false bottom (milled screen), top mount drive for motorized rake and drop down spent grain removal arm, tank light. The MMLT is also equipped with vorlauf and CIP fittings. Hot liquor tank on bottom – 740 gallon capacity, steam heated, insulated and stainless clad. Level gauge, overflow protection, CIP fitting. Grist case – 20” straight wall with an overall height of 5’ x 60” od. This unit is constructed of stainless and is mounted on top of the combi vessel with two short legs and one longer leg that extends to the ground. Below the grist hopper is a slide gate valve with TC fittings and a stainless hydrator with water inlet and TC fittings for easy removal and cleaning. Brewhouse platform – 7’ wide x 64” deep x 8’ tall to the top of the The brewhouse is hardpiped with an integral brewhouse pump with vfd. The brewhouse control panel is touchscreen and mounted on the platform. The stainless steel heat exchanger is dual stage for glycol/water. In Addition to the brewhouse, we are also including the Columbia MPH20 gas fired 15 psi steam boiler. This unit is complete with feedwater tank and pump. The boiler is 840,000btu and was built new in 2013. It remains in excellent shape. Steam traps, solenoid valves, and some steam piping will also be included with this package. Manufacturer specifications are as follows: Design - all-in-one-designs / compact designs - equipped with an effective cooling and heating system - completely piped and wired, - with an integrated pump system, - platform for combining the vessels in a compact unit, - with installed CIP system, - sanitary design: polished internal tank surface and welds ensure an easy and effective cleaning of the system. High-quality manufacturing process - completely made of stainless steel, only certified materials are used - automated grinding and polishing of welds and inner surfaces; - modern welding techniques: TIG welding, laser welded cooling/heating sections (pillow plates) on tank jacket and tank bottom, orbital welded pipes; - in designing and manufacturing of equipment general rules of the profession and good engineering and manufacturing practice are respected; Touch screen control panel User friendly graphical interface is easy to understand and allows simple monitoring and control of the beer brewing process: - pump speed control, - mixer rotating control, - temperature regulation (separate for side heating and bottom heating); - setting of timers and alarms; - possibility of performing the multi-step mashing procedure, display of actual and set values.
300 Gal (1135L) Poly Totes 7429 300 Gal (1135L) Poly Totes Winery, Water, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Several Hundred Available - These are used 300 Gallon (1135L) poly storage totes. Owner's details as follows: Maker: Oenotank Model: OENOtank300 Net Volume: 300 US Gallons (1,135 liters) Unit Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg) Dimensions: H 53.5" x W 39.37" x D 47.37" Age: 2-6 years since first use In terms of oxygen permeability Oenotank 300 gallon plastic wine storage tanks are a viable alternative to neutral barrels: 12 months in an Oenotank is approximately equivalent to 5 months in a new barrel and 7 months in a neutral barrel. There are no evaporative losses — you get passive micro oxygenation in, but the Oenotank walls are impermeable to liquid. The Oenotank heavy duty lid “touches” the surface of the wine when properly topped, eliminating the need for injecting inert gas into the tank. These tanks can be stacked safely three high when full of wine. They come with the tank, tank lid and gasket. Also, each tank is pre-fitted with a sample valve and a 2" threaded drain which fits a 2" bevel seat adapter (threaded tri-clover ferrule) for use of any type of tri-clover valve. These tanks can take the place of stainless steel portatanks, or barrels ultimately decreasing the need for topping and lessening winery storage footprint. Approx 200 available
3.5 bbl BSV Direct Fired Brewhouse 7428 3.5 bbl BSV Direct Fired Brewhouse Winery, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a new stock BSV 3.5 bbl skid mounted brewhouse. This system is skid mounted and hard piped for easy installation. This is a scaled version of our popular skid mount 7 bbl system. Included are the following- 3.5 bbl mash/lauter tun, insulated and s/s clad, milled false bottom, dome top with hinged manway door, sparge ring, cip, tank light, grist hydrator, side door for spent grain removal 3.5 bbl direct fired brewkettle/whirlpool, insulated and s/s clad with enclosed insulated fire box and firebox vent, steam vent with condensate drip ring, MIDCO Economite forced air burner set up for natural gas (easy conversion to propane) Thomsen washdown brewhouse pump with vfd Brewers skid, platform and ladder with brewhouse piping package including water mixing station 2sqMtr stainless heat exchanger with center plate for dual stage operation with glycol and water Brewhouse control panel with digital controllers for temp control and dial controls for pump vfd, UL listed and manufactured in Oregon. Separate 7 bbl HLT, insulated and s/s clad with port for electric immersion heater (controls built into brewhouse panel), float control, top manway, overflow protection, site glass, recirc loop Thomsen washdown HLT pump
One Liter Piston filler 7427 One Liter Piston filler Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a NEW STOCK, semi-automatic, single station, 100 ml to 1,000 ml, table top, piston filler. Machine has stainless steel hopper.
Used Rite Steam Boiler 7426 Used Rite Steam Boiler Winery, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used Rite Steam Boiler. This is a natural gas fired boiler that was last used in a brewery and is represnted in good shape. 760,000 btu input. This machine has newer gauges and controls. It was removed from service recently and replaced with a larger unit.
Federal 26/8 filler screw capper 7422 Federal 26/8 filler screw capper Water, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Federal, model 26/8 filler/screw capper. This is a right hand machine with clockwise rotation. Machine has 26 filling nozzles and eight screw capping chucks. The machine is currently set up to run a dairy style one gallon jug with a 38mm screw cap. Machine has 3 pin bottle handling equipment. Wagon wheel style cam. Rated at up to 75 GPM. Previous use was dairy application.

Page 1 of 58 out of 463 total items

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