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Biner-Ellison 30 valve filler 7119 Biner-Ellison 30 valve filler Winery, Water, Pharma, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Biner-Ellison, pressure/gravity rotary filler. The machine has a 52 inch, stainless steel dial (bottle plate) and is equipped with 30, 1/2 inch diameter filling nozzles. Machine is equipped with an infeed helix and product over flow/return pump. The machine also has an oversize, product reservoir to supply additional head pressure. Operation is clockwise rotation, left to right. Operating electrics are currently 120 volt-single phase. Machine has mild steel frame. Previous use was in bottled water facility running single serve water bottles. The change parts associated with these bottles are included with the machine.
Liquibox BIB Filler 7067 Liquibox BIB Filler Winery, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Liqui Box Corp., Bag-in-box, single head filler. Included is the stainless steel roller table. 110 volt solenoid controls
New Stock - Letina 4 Head Filler 6954 New Stock - Letina 4 Head Filler Winery, Water, Beverage more info
Item is a NEW, Letina, 4 head gravity filler. This is a manual filler requiring the operator to place the bottles under each valve to fill and remove them once they are filled. This is a "fill to level" machine having 1/2" diameter (approx.) valves with an internal vent tube. The machine is adjustable for bottle height, bottle diameter and fill level. Machine is mounted on a stand w/casters for portability.
Single Head Piston Filler 6911 Single Head Piston Filler Pharma, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a single station piston filler. This is a bench top machine having a single piston with 500 ml capacity. The piston operates off a pneumatic cylinder. The cycle is initiated with a foot switch. 120 VAC is required for the cylinder stop switch.. Machine has S/S hopper and lid and utilizes a rotary style valve.
Simplex 4 head inline filler 6868 Simplex 4 head inline filler Water, Food, Beverage more info
Item is used, Simplex, 4 valve, inline, pressure/overflow filler. The machine is fully automatic with a 10 foot long integral conveyor and automatic container indexing system. Machine is equipped with a s/s product pump and upgraded touch-pad controls. Machine is equipped with four, 11/16 inch diameter valves (w/plastic tips for glass bottle application) and was previously set up for liquor application, but was not installed. Machine will accommodate additional valves if required.
Biner-Ellison Gravity Filler 6736 Biner-Ellison Gravity Filler Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Biner-Ellison model F52-TD-18 rotary, gravity filler. This is an automatic 18 head filling machine with 52 inch stainless steel dial. The entire drive mechanism is mounted on the top of the machine for easy maintenance. Set up for clockwise (left to right) rotation. The machine is equipped with level control for the reservoir with a separate, stainless steel return tank. Product supply pump is also included. Machine is equipped with 5/8 inch filling nozzles. Previous use was in a liquor facility. Machine was utilized very little since previous rebuild.
Cherry Burrell Rotary Filler 6731 Cherry Burrell Rotary Filler Water, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Cherry Burrell, model KG-20, stainless steel rotary filler. The machine includes (20) 3/4 inch valves and (10) 5/8 inch valves. The machine is equipped with a reservoir level control. The pedestals are spring loaded and suitable for running glass bottles
GAI Monoblock Filler/Corker 6694 GAI Monoblock Filler/Corker Winery, Beverage more info
Item is a used, GAI monoblock filler/corker. This is a 12 valve machine with a single head corker. The machine was manufactured in 1996. The machine is equipped with a gas sparger and leveler. It has the OSHA guarding package with interlocks and an external vacuum pump. Included with the machine are 750ml and 1.5L change parts. An external cartridge filter is also included for final product filtration prior to filling. The machine is set up for 230 volt 3 phase power. (THIS MACHINE IS PART OF WINE FILLING LINE ITEM NUMBER 6697)

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