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ALCOA SCREW CAPPER 7154 ALCOA SCREW CAPPER Winery, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Alcoa 212-8, automatic, screw capper, currently set up with 28mm capping heads. Machine is currently set up with 4 capping heads and was fully operational when removed from service. Included with the machine is the cap sorter, but the chute is missing and would have to be replaced.
Kinetics / Goldco Case Palletizer 7148 Kinetics / Goldco Case Palletizer Winery, Water, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used Kinetics/Goldco automatic low level case palletizer. This is a fully functional machine, currently in operation, but due for removal in May. It is PLC equipped and currently set up for a 40 x 48 standard grocery pallet. Operating voltage is 460 volt/3 phase. (Reason for removal - upgrade to faster machine).
Pack West Capper 7146 Pack West Capper Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Pack West, model A-120, automatic, inline style capper. The machine is equipped with three pairs of torquing quills with the last two stations having clutch assemblies. Machine is set up for left to right operation. It is equipped with highly desirable, "waterfall" style cap hopper/sorter. Machine is fully operational. It is set up for 230 volt/3 phase power.
Thermaline Plate Heat Exchanger 7145 Thermaline Plate Heat Exchanger Winery, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, Thermaline heat exchanger. This is an all stainless steel machine having a plate size of approximately 9" x 32" with a total of 100 plates. It is mounted on a S/S frame with casters for portability..
Combi Case Erector 7139 Combi Case Erector Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a previously owned, Combi, tape seal, carton erector/bottom sealer. Machine was manufactured in late 2014. It appears to be on the original skid and does not appear to have ever been put into service. The machine has a 3", 3M Accuglide II tape head. It is rated at up to 12 CPM. Set up for 120 volt, single phase operation. Air consumption is 3.84 CFM at 12 CPM. Min. case size LxWxH = 6 x 4 1/2 x 4 1/2. Max. case size LxWxH = 20 x 16 x 18. Footprint approximately 8' x 6'. It has a hinged, carton magazine.
3M Automatic Top Taper 7137 3M Automatic Top Taper Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, 3M, model 800 af, automatic, case taper. Machine was manufactured in 2013. Machine is equipped with 2" tape head for top seal only. It is equipped with the automatic trailing flap, kicker and side belts to carry the case through the machine. It has metal door guarding package. Requires 120 volt/single phase power.
Vibratory Sorting Table 7131 Vibratory Sorting Table Winery, Food more info
Item is a used, vibratory sorting table. The machine is all stainless steel construction w/2 inch square tube frame. It measures 13 feet in length (approx.) with a 30 inch wide deck. The discharge end is equipped with high output blower powered with Baldor 5.5 HP-3500 RPM motor. Both of the vibratory motors and the blower motor are controlled with frequency drives. Machine is easy to clean. Removal of the slotted deck sections as well as the drop out bin come out easily.
Schulz 5 HP air compressor 7128 Schulz 5 HP air compressor Winery, Water, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, (nearly new-owner represented less than 200 hours on it) Schulz, 5 HP (3 phase), reciprocating air compressor. Compressor is mounted on an 80 gallon vertical air receiver. It is capable of 175 PSI and 20 CFM.

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