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Twin Piston Filler 7256 Twin Piston Filler Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, semi-automatic, twin piston filler. This is a bench top model with a foot switch that initiates the fill cycle. Machine utilizes pneumatic operation to power the fill piston.
Pfaudler Rotary Piston Filler 7242 Pfaudler Rotary Piston Filler Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Pfaudler, rotary, piston filler. Machine is constructed with all stainless steel contact parts, with (6) 3 3/4 cylinders, straight valves, square base, with table top chain to timing worm to star infeed, and tangential discharge. Utilizes electric motor drive w/Leeson speed controller. Includes miscellaneous change parts. Machine was previously running miscellaneous tomato sauces in jars.
Item is a new/unused, semi-automatic, bench top, single head piston filler. The piston is pneumatically driven and is capable fills from 50ml to 500ml. It requires compressed air and 120 volt, single phase power.
Single Head Piston Filler 6911 Single Head Piston Filler Pharma, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a single station piston filler. This is a bench top machine having a single piston with 500 ml capacity. The piston operates off a pneumatic cylinder. The cycle is initiated with a foot switch. 120 VAC is required for the cylinder stop switch.. Machine has S/S hopper and lid and utilizes a rotary style valve.
Biner-Ellison Gravity Filler 6736 Biner-Ellison Gravity Filler Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Biner-Ellison model F52-TD-18 rotary, gravity filler. This is an automatic 18 head filling machine with 52 inch stainless steel dial. The entire drive mechanism is mounted on the top of the machine for easy maintenance. Set up for clockwise (left to right) rotation. The machine is equipped with level control for the reservoir with a separate, stainless steel return tank. Product supply pump is also included. Machine is equipped with 5/8 inch filling nozzles. Previous use was in a liquor facility. Machine was utilized very little since previous rebuild.
Cherry Burrell Rotary Filler 6731 Cherry Burrell Rotary Filler Water, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Cherry Burrell, model KG-20, stainless steel rotary filler. The machine includes (10) 5/8 inch valves. The machine is equipped with a reservoir level control. The pedestals are spring loaded and suitable for running glass bottles
Pfaudler/Elmar  14 Piston Filler 6534 Pfaudler/Elmar 14 Piston Filler Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used Elmar/Pfaudler, 14 station, S/S, rotary piston filler. The machine has an integral conveyor with a feedscrew/timing star infeed. It is equipped with the no container-no fill mechanism and is set up for counter clockwise rotation with a tangential discharge. Piston size is 3 3/4 by 8 inch. (approximately 35 oz..). Each piston is fitted with a flat cut teflon wear ring at the top and bottom of the piston as well as an "O" ring seal ring at the bottom of the piston. The valves are straight cut rotary with teflon coating. Machine is powered with a 2 HP Reeves type vari-drive, currently set up for 230 volt, 3 phase power. Machine was set up to run a 12 oz. bar-b-que type bottle that is shown in the photos.
Mateer Burt Powder  Filler 6296 Mateer Burt Powder Filler Food more info
Item is a used, Mateer-Burt, single head powder filler. this is a fully automatic machine with all stainless steel contact surfaces. It is equipped with a 4 inch wide x 94 inch long chain conveyor.It is equipped with a 1 3/4 inch diameter fill nozzle. Electrical is 208/240/440 volt, 3 phase.

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