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300 Gal (1135L) Poly Totes 7429 300 Gal (1135L) Poly Totes Winery, Water, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Several Hundred Available - These are used 300 Gallon (1135L) poly storage totes. Owner's details as follows: Maker: Oenotank Model: OENOtank300 Net Volume: 300 US Gallons (1,135 liters) Unit Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg) Dimensions: H 53.5" x W 39.37" x D 47.37" Age: 2-6 years since first use In terms of oxygen permeability Oenotank 300 gallon plastic wine storage tanks are a viable alternative to neutral barrels: 12 months in an Oenotank is approximately equivalent to 5 months in a new barrel and 7 months in a neutral barrel. There are no evaporative losses — you get passive micro oxygenation in, but the Oenotank walls are impermeable to liquid. The Oenotank heavy duty lid “touches” the surface of the wine when properly topped, eliminating the need for injecting inert gas into the tank. These tanks can be stacked safely three high when full of wine. They come with the tank, tank lid and gasket. Also, each tank is pre-fitted with a sample valve and a 2" threaded drain which fits a 2" bevel seat adapter (threaded tri-clover ferrule) for use of any type of tri-clover valve. These tanks can take the place of stainless steel portatanks, or barrels ultimately decreasing the need for topping and lessening winery storage footprint. Approx 200 available
Federal 26/8 filler screw capper 7422 Federal 26/8 filler screw capper Water, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Federal, model 26/8 filler/screw capper. This is a right hand machine with clockwise rotation. Machine has 26 filling nozzles and eight screw capping chucks. The machine is currently set up to run a dairy style one gallon jug with a 38mm screw cap. Machine has 3 pin bottle handling equipment. Wagon wheel style cam. Rated at up to 75 GPM. Previous use was dairy application.
Inline Labeling P. S. Labeler 7416 Inline Labeling P. S. Labeler Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Inline Labeling model 1000 pressure sensitive labeler. The machine is designed to apply a wrap label to a straight sided, cylinder container. It is configured for a #3 wind and can apply a label up to 4 1/2 inches high. It is equipped with an inline , interval timing wheel and utilizes 120 volt, single phase power. Previous use was brewery application.
Inline Filling Systems Inline Capper 7407 Inline Filling Systems Inline Capper Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Inline Filling Systems, model Computorque, inline capper. This is a fully automatic machine and is equipped with a vibratory style cap sorter. It was previously running a 28mm cap. It has touch screen controls. It has a single pair of container gripper belts. It is all S/S construction having a "C" frame designed to fit over an existing conveyor (conveyor not included). It utilizes belt style cap tightening w/pneumatic pulse control on the cap while tightening. Requires 110 volt single phase power and compressed air.
Inline Filling Systems Air rinseer 7406 Inline Filling Systems Air rinseer Water, Pharma, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Inline Filling Systems, 8 head ionized, inline, bottle rinser. The machine blasts the container with a burst of ionized air and then vacuums the suspended particulates from the container. Machine has LCD control panel w/PLC. It can store up to 50 filliing cycle control parameters. No bottle/ no cycle w/auto container height adjustment. Machine has 3/8" OD cleaning nozzles. The cleaning air jet port @ the nozzle tip is 1/8" ID. Machine is equipped with a 30" wide rail (working width) supporting the 8 nozzles. Machine requires compressed air and 110 volt single phase power. This machine does not currently include a through conveyor, but one can be provided at additional charge.
2500 Gallon Mixing Tank 7405 2500 Gallon Mixing Tank Water, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
This is a used 2500 gallon Vertical mixing tank, previously used to store/mix food and beverage ingredients. Syrups/sugar/water. Dimensions of the tanks are: 84″ diameter x 96″ Sidewall Height. The outside of the tank does have some scrapes/scratches but the integrity of the tank is represented as fully functional. The tank is equipped with a drop down propeller agitator
Columbia FL-100 case Palletizer 7399 Columbia FL-100 case Palletizer Winery, Water, Pharma, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Columbia, floor level case palletizer model FL-100. The machine was manufactured in 1995 and is equipped with an Allen-Bradley processor. It is set up for a 40 x 48 inch pallet and includes the pallet dispenser and approximately 10' of powered pallet discharge conveyor. A Fox, rotary arm pallet wrapper is mounted on the machine over the discharge conveyor (very compact). Machine was operating in a brewery until May when the facility closed. Power requirement is 460 volt/3 phase.
Alliance Bi-Di Accumulation table 7390 Alliance Bi-Di Accumulation table Winery, Water, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Alliance, Bi-Directional accumulation table measureng 6' wide by 10' long. It is equipped with a SEW center take-up drive and Intralox 400 belting. Set up for 460 volt-3 phase power.

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