Biner-Ellison Feed/Dump Table

Biner-Ellison Feed/Dump Table

Portland, OR

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Item is a used, Biner-Ellison Feedomatic Single Liner. The machine is designed for dumping containers (round or non-round) from reshipper cartons. The containers are dumped onto the infeed section of the machine. The plastic, mattop belting feeds the containers into lanes. They are discharged in a single file onto a conveyor which takes the containers to the next machine. This machine is designed to mate to an existing conveyor and the mattop belting is 36 inches wide. The feed direction could be from either right or left. Machine has had extensive electrical and pneumatic upgrades. The machine was previously used to feed round, glass, beverage bottles. It is set up for 220 volt , 3 phase power.


Stock Number6688