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NS Letina 1150L pressure tank

NS Letina 1150L pressure tank

Item is a new stock Letina jacketed tank designed for 6 bar operating pressure. This tank is built for production of sparkling wines/champagne. Features include: - volume approx. 1150 lit - coat diameter 958 mm, height 1500 mm - insulator diameter 1058 mm, height 1600 mm - total height approx. 2300 mm - 3 legs, height 400 mm, closed - dished bottom and top - working pressure 6 bar - insulation 60 mm, PU foam - stainless steel clad - fitting on top - CIP pipe for cleaning - ladder support - type plate with note card - thermometer, analog - sample tap DIN 15 - manometer - security valve - manway door, oval - level indicator, dia... More Details >>

Other Featured Items
New Stock - 60 bbl BSV fermenter

New Stock - 60 bbl BSV fermenter

New Stock - 60 bbl BSV - Blackstone Fermenter 60 bbl Fermenter - Stainless Steel 304, welded exterior, 3-zone jacket (cone and sidewall), insulated & S/S clad,15 psi operating pressure, side manway, 60 degree cone, thermowell, pressure/vacuum relief valve, racking arm, sampling valve, CIP arm & sprayball, clamps, gaskets, pressure gauge, three butterfly valves, 25% free headroom, 4 legs, Adjustable feet. Dimensions TBD

New Stock BSV 3.5 bbl Brewhouse

New Stock BSV 3.5 bbl Brewhouse

Item is a new stock BSV 3.5 bbl skid mounted brewhouse. The basic unit is quoted with the steam heating option but direct fired heating is also available and quoted below. Included are the following- 3.5 bbl mash/lauter tun, insulated and s/s clad, milled false bottom, open top for manual mixing, sparge ring - Closed top with manway door add $700 3.5 bbl steam heated brewkettle/whirlpool, insulated and s/s clad with dimple jacket for steam heating Thomsen washdown brewhouse pump with vfd Brewers skid, platform and ladder with brewhouse piping package 2sqMtr stainless heat exchanger with center plate for dual stage operation with glycol and water Brewhouse control panel with digital controllers for temp control and dial controls for pump vfd OPTIONS- Seperate steam heated 7 bbl HLT or glycol chilled CLT, insulated and s/s clad with dimple jacket for temp control - $6500 each HL or CL Pump - $1900 D/F heating option to include insulated and closed firebox and forced air burner (no ring burners) - $2900 Seperate insulated and s/s clad 7 bbl HLT with electric immersion heaters - $6200 Combination MLT/HLT, mounted on brewhouse skid with MLT built over the top of the HLT. HLT is either steam heated or electrically heated with immersion heater - $3700

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