Pack Leader SL-10 Shrink Sleeve Labeler

Pack Leader SL-10 Shrink Sleeve Labeler

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DESCRIPTION: The Pack Leader USA SL-10 Shrink Sleeve Labeler handles a full range of full body sleeve applications with optional neck and cap banding and delivers fast changeover from product to product. The SL-10 features high-grade stainless steel components, pre-set labels, and Delta color touchscreen set-up and memory. Like all Pack Leader USA labelers, it is designed with practical efficiency, ease of use and reliability. Our pre-delivery inspection confirms proper set-up and functionality, ensuring every machine is set up to your specific application. APPLICATION: The Pack Leader USA SL-10 Shrink Sleeve Labeler features the most advanced shrink technology with a large touch-control screen and an advanced Programmable Logic Computer (PLC), giving you superior labeling speed and accuracy. Easy set-up instruction via touch screen is included in the intelligent Delta pod. The SL-10 is stepper driven, ensuring excellent repeatable label placement. This machine applies shrink sleeve labels at speeds over 200 BPM depending on label size, product spacing, product shape and line conditions. TYPES OFLABELS: Full Body Sleeve, Optional Neck & Cap Banding, Tamper Evident SLEEVE LENGTH (HxL): 22mm x 250mm (.87” x 9.84”) RANGE OF CONTAINER HEIGHT: 35mm-350mm (1.38-13.78”) RANGE OF CONTAINER DIAMETER: 22mm-125mm (.87-4.92”) POWER (KW): .900 FILM THICKNESS: .045mm-.08mm (.001”-.003”) VOLTAGE: 110/220VAC 50/60HZ 1 Phase 20AMP Dedicated CONTROLS: DELTA Color Touch Screen DRIVE: Stepper Motor INNER CORE: 127mm-254mm (5”-10”) MAXIMUM SLEEVE SPEED: 200BPM (based on cut length) SPOOL DIAMETER: 500mm (19.7”) DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 1118mm x 1219mm x 2032mm (44” x 48” x 80”) NET WEIGHT: Approx 350 kgs (772 lbs) MATERIALS: Frame/main components made from #304 stainless steel & anodized aluminum Pricing: DESCRIPTION: SL-10 (shrink sleeve applicator – No Conveyor) - $49,995.00 SL-10 Crate - $550.00 Crate for Tunnel and Conveyor - $395.00 SERVICES & PARTS SL-10 Spare Parts Kit - SPARE PARTS SL-10 - $2,091.29 PL-FAT Full Day - $1,000.00 Factory Acceptance Test **IMPORTANT: Money paid for an F.A.T. is nonrefundable. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: PL-APT - $250 Each additional product that needs to be tested and saved as a memory (2 products are included with each machine) 5 Meter SS Conveyor - $10,895.00 SL-CONSS-5M Screw Feed (adjustable in/out as product must be centered under SL Mandrel) - $7,795.00 SL-Screw Drive Rotary Brush Wipe Down - $4,995.00 SL-BDSS 2 Meter Electric Tunnel UL Listed Machine - $23,995.00 SL-ET-2M-UL 2 Meter Steam Tunnel - $30,495.00 SL-ST-2M LEAD TIME - 12-14 Weeks


ModelSL-10 Shrink Sleeve Labeler
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