Used 6000Gal closed top Jacketed Fermenter


Used 6000Gal closed top Jacketed Fermenter

Portland, OR


Item is a used 6,000 Gallon closed top jacketed wine fermenter. This tank has been in use at a northwest winery for atleast thae last five years. It is designed with a slope bottom and tank stand with 4 lags and cross praces. There is a round side manway door as well as an offset round top manway door at the front of the tank. There are (2) glycol jackets with good coverage. There is a bottom total discharge port as well as a racking port above the manway door. Dimensions are approximately: 190 inches overall height 36 inches tank stand base height plus 154" tank height 110 inches diameter Mechanically the tank is in good operational shape and the jackets are excellent. There are some cosmetice dings in the sidewall which could possibly be repaired but these do not affect the functionality fo the vessel. The selling price of this tank is a fraction of new and the tank is ready to be decomissioned and shipped.


Stock Number7914