Used 10 bbl Pub Brewsystem

Portland, OR

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Item is a used 10 bbl Pub Brewery suystem. This system was installed in approximately 2014. This is a complete turnkey brewery that includes the following:

Pub 10 bbl steam heated combi brewhouse with brewkettle/whirlpool on the left and combi vessel on the right. Kettle dimensions are 7' tall x 64" od. Combi vessel dimensions are 8' tall x 64" od. The brewhouse is copper clad and the kettle and HLT are steam heated.

The brewkettle includes a removable trub dam, steam stack, firebox stack, and condensate drip ring.

The combi vessel has a MLT built over top of the HLT. The v-wire removable false bottom remains in very good shape and the MLT is fitted with a hydrator and slide gate assembly.

This is a copper clad brewhouse that shows well and the copper cladding has been polished regularly and has aged well.

The brewhouse platform is outfitted with the traditional Pub style manifold, brewhouse control panel with timer and vfd for brewhouse pump. There is a single stage Thermaline heat exchanger that has been serviced and rebuilt in the last 2 years.

The brewhouse dimensions are 11.5' long x 8' deep. The platfomr stand 38" from the ground.

Columbia steam boiler is used to supply steam to the brewhouse. The boiler has been serviced regularly and updated over the course of the last 2 years or so. It is equipped with new Honeywell burner controls, new float valves, new burner igniter and burner jets, and state inspection recently. Dimensions of the booiler are 6' x 4' x 7' tall tot the top of the steam header. There is a condensate return tank and pump included with the system.

Cellar -
(4) Pub Manufacturing 20 bbl fermenters, 12' tall x 4' od, single zone cooling with insulated 45deg cones, side manway, sample valve, PRV, CIP. One of these tanks is fitted with a carbstone and used a sa unitank.

(1) Liquid Assets 20 bbl fermenter - almost identical to the Pub fermenters (liquid assets was formed by Pub employees and they share similar design)

(1) GW Kent 3 bbl conical fermenter with dua zone jackets on cone and sidewall, non insulated/clad, top manway, carb stone, racking arm, sample valve, and PRV. This tank would be ideal for use as a yeat prop.

(3) 40 bbl BSV concial fermenters. These are traditional design with 60 deg cones, dual zone jackets on the cone and sidewall, side manway, cip, PRV, racking arms, sample valves, 4" dry hop ports,


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