Kreuzmayr KKP960 Chamber Pasteurizer

Kreuzmayr KKP960 Chamber Pasteurizer

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Item is a used Kreuzmayr chamber pasteurizer. This machine was purchased new from Europe and was used briefly in a maple water packaging facility. It has been in storage since that time but would be a great alternative for cider, juice or other beverage products requiring pasteurization. The manufacturer describes the machine as follows:

The chamber pasteurizer KKP960 is used to pasteurize ready-filled bottles, which are sorted into boxes and stacked on pallets.

The pallets are placed in the chamber pasteurizer, then the chamber is heated up with steam.

A fan distributes the steam in the chamber and applies the heat evenly to all bottles.

The rise of the temperature is controlled by a process controller.

To prevent damage of the bottles by a too rapid increase of the temperature in the chamber, the chamber temperature is limited by a maximum allowable temperature difference to the core temperature (reference bottle).

After the heating phase, the process switches to hot holding, where the temperature is maintained at the pasteurization temperature for a desired time. This serves to achieve the necessary Pasteurization Units (PE).

After holding time, the cooling phase follows. (OPTIONAL!)

Here, cold water is sprayed into the circulating air stream to cool the bottles.

After the cooling phase, the pasteurization process is completed.

The pallet can now be unloaded and the next pallet be loaded


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