Complete ABE Craftcan DUO90 Canning Line

Complete ABE Craftcan DUO90 Canning Line

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Item is a very lightly used ABE Craftcan 90 can per minute canning line. This system was purchased new in approximately 2022 and used on a couple of test runs but the onwer lost their canning contract shortly after purchase of this machine and no longer has a use for it. This machine consists of the following:

Craftcan DUO 16 - 2 lanes of 8 filling valves (16 total) - 90 cans per minute

Infeed conveyor extension

Craftcan Duo nitro doser to allow dosing of nitrogen during the canning process

ABE Yellowjacket full height can depalletizer with integrated accumulation/discharge conveyor

12oz standard, 12oz sleek, and 16oz standard twists for rinsing

Additional powered conveyor - 8' x 6"

• Up to 90 CPM (based on 12 oz can)

• System dimensions: L: 117" (297 cm), W: 44" (112 cm), H: 83" (211 cm)

• Electrical requirements: 208 V, 60 Hz, 1-Phase, 2 wire, 25 A, 20 A (connected load), 4.2 kVA, 3.5 kW average (other electrical options available)

• UL508A compliant control panel

• Air requirements: 1/2" MQC connection, clean dry CO2, 5.75 scfm, 100 psi

• Water requirements: 3/4" FNPT connection, filtered city water, 3.0 gpm, 60 psi

• Specifications may vary based on size and customization

The yellowjacket depal can hold an entire pallet of cans and automatically feed them to a wide variety of ABE Equipment canning systems. The transfer conveyor delivers the empty cans to the

dual or single-lane twist rinse where they are inverted and rinsed to ensure debris or dust particles are removed. Once rinsed, cans are reverted and delivered to the feed end of the main filler conveyor. To help reduce chances of slips or falls, the YellowJacket Can Depalletizer automatically removes slip-sheets and stores them in a protective compartment creating a clutter-free environment!


ModelCraftcan DUO90
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