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ELF 5 Gallon Filler

ELF 5 Gallon Filler 


5 gallon 


Used five gallon bottled water filling line. It consists of a D&L washer, ELF 3 spout filler and snap cap capper. The rinser is a 3 station rotary unit that has had additional heating elements installed so that it could be operated at higher speeds. It is a model quad 120. The rinser requires an operator to put bottles on the machine and take the washed bottles off. The rinser runs on 240 volt, 3 phase power. The filler is a 3 head elf filler and is plc controlled. The filling and capping functions are fully automatic. Line was installed approximately 12 years ago. The line was operating at 240 bph. The rinser is rated at 120 bpm but different heating elements up the production rates. It was removed from service in 1998. The owner installed a 1200 bph filling line.

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