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Marq Trayformer

Marq Trayformer 




Used Marq Trayformer. The machine was manufactured in 1987 and used as a show display machine until 1990 when it was sold. It is equipped with an LTI Dynaply hot melt system. The machine is also equipped with the Marq compudrive system for controlling machine function and glue pattern. Machine is a right hand machine with the corrugated magazine on the left and the tray discharge on the right. It is equipped with two forming mandrels with measurements of 17 7/8 inches x 11 _ inches and 11 _ inches x 9-_ inch. These male mandrels can be fabricated. The outside, or female portion of the forming head is adjustable. Electrics are 220-440/3 phase. Machine was previously in operation in a bottled water facility. It was removed from service and replaced with a faster machine.

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