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New Stock Celler Hose

New Stock Celler Hose 


DG Hose 


This item is a new style beverage hose that we offer for use in the brewery, winery, distillery and food packaging industries. It is constructed of food grade EPDM white (or red) rubber. Additional details include: Tube: Food grade EPDM rubber white, FDA Cover: Flat corrugated EPDM rubber grey/red lined with clear Easyclean UHMW Reinforcement: Multiple Ply textile spirals Temperature Range: -30F to +220F The unique feature of this hose is the slick UHMW outer liner which helps the hose glide easily over all surfaces. The UHMW outer liner offers 98% chem resistance and is very durable and easy to clean. This is simpley the best brewers/vintners hose on the market at a price that us unbeatable. This hose is quoted by the foot and includes 1.5IN tc hose barbs assembled and ready to use. This price includes the sleave t/c fitting and bumper as shown in the photos.

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