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NS BSV 40 HL Brewsystem

NS BSV 40 HL Brewsystem 




Item is a new stock 40 hl BSV Brewhouse. We utilize all stainless heat exchangers (dual stage) and Thomsen pumps with our BSV systems. We also use off the shelf components for our brewhouse control panels to insure limited downtime when/if electrical components fail. Our brewhouse panels are UL listed. Included with this system are the following items: 40 hl insulated and stainless clad mash/lauter with false bottom, sparge ring, CIP, top driven motorized rake with drop down grain out arm – grain out via side manway door (optional gate valve on bottom of vessel is available at additional cost) 40 hl brewkettle/whirlpool with insulation and s/s cladding, designed for steam heating, tangential inlet for whirlpool, side and bottom drain Kettle and wort pumps with VFD's – 80 hl insulated and steam jacketed HLT with HLT pump – Complete brewhouse piping and brewers platform constructed of stainless steel Dual stage (glycol and water) stainless steel plate and frame heat exchanger, 10sqM Brewhouse control panel with temp read outs for kettle, mlt, and hlt, along with controls and VFD's for pumps and motorized rake in mlt. This panel does not utilize a touch screen but instead uses digital temp controllers, and speed pots for the vfd’s. All components are off the shelf and replacement parts are easily available on short notice. OPTIONAL- - 80 hl CLT, glycol jacketed, insulated and stainless clad with CLT pump – 2hp - $19,400 - Hopback – stainless construction – approx. 18 gallon cap -$2600 - Yeast Propagator – Stainless construction, fully welded exterior with cone bottom, cooling and heating bands, insulated and clad, cip, sample valve, butterfly valve, 5 bbl cap - $5,900 - Grant - $1900 - Free standing grist case, Approx. 3500# cap - $5800

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