NS Letina 3.5 bbl Steam Combi Brewhouse

NS Letina 3.5 bbl Steam Combi Brewhouse

Portland, OR

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Item is a new stock Letina 3.5 bbl steam combi brewhouse. This system is very similar to our Letina 7 bbl combi brewhouse and includes motorized rake, tank lights, dual stage heat ex, two pumps with vfd's, and misc steam piping/traps. Specifcations are as follows: - 3.5 bbl - skid mounted - brewkettle / whirlpool - 700 lit - steam jacketed, insulated, stainless clad - top manhole door - tangential inlets - mash / lauter tun - upper compartment of combi tank - insulated, stainless clad - gearmotor with rake - screen bottom - rectangular side manway door - hot liquor tank - lower compartment of combi tank - 600 lit - insulated, stainless clad - oval side manway door - process piping, valves, fittings - 2 pumps - heat exchanger, dual stage - control panel - platform with stairs - material AISI 304 This system is designed for our clients that want a European quality production system in a smaller footprint. This system has all the bells and whistles of our larger Letina brewhouses and is a true showpiece.


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