Reid 2 1/2 gallon filling line


Reid 2 1/2 gallon filling line

Portland, OR


Item is a used, fully automatic, REID 2 1/2 gallon filler/capper for water jugs. The line consists of a 3 nozzle filler with auto-indexing and conveyor and a automatic capper for "press-on" spout closures. The capper has an integral closure hopper/elevator/sorter. The conveyor runs through both the filler and the capper and is variable speed as are most of the electrical functions. The hoper offers easy access to dump boxes of closures as can be seen in the photos. The machine is all S/S, HD construction. Container flow is right to left. Power requirement for both machines is 220 volt single phase.


Model2 1/2 gallon filling line
Stock Number8017