Wayne Automation Partition Inserter

Portland, OR

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Used Wayne Automation partition inserter. The machine is designed to insert ?h? or ?double z? partitions into a _ slotted or full slotted carton. It is designed for taller cartons such as those utilized for gallon containers. This is an 'enhanced' machine which indicates it is capable of inserting corrugated partitions. The 'C' indicates the highest degree of flexibility. It does not have the ?deep throw grid? required to put the corners of the grid into a short tray (however the tray could actually be raised up to meet the grid. The machine was manufactured in November of 1993. It is equipped with an Allen Bradley PLC 5 controller. This machine is capable of production rates of approximately 12-14 cpm.


ModelSF 400 EC
Stock Number2847
Part num22693-7153