Fimer Canelli 9 valve filler

Portland, OR

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Item is a used Fimer Canelli model delta 9 filler. This is a 9 valve filler that is currently in use in a winery. It is fitted an integrated plunger to close vino-lok closures. The closure must be appplied to the bottle by hand and the plunger then pushes the vino-lok into the bottle. There is a straight conveyor that runs through the machine but there is no drive as the conveyor is driven down line. There are multiple sets of change parts. The filler valves have been refurbished and have new seals. The filler bowl also has a new gasket that allows for vacuum to be pulled on the bull. There is a new GAI solenoid valve installed in the bowl that is designed to control flow to the filler bowl. The owner also used an ROPP capper downstream of the filler but the ROPP machine is not included. The machine is being removed from service because the owner is upgrading to a faster filler. We can supply a single head corker or ROPP capper if needed.


ModelDelta 9
Stock Number6066
Part num825