Pub Brewing 10 bbl Brewery

Portland, OR

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Item is a used 10 bbl steam heated Pub Brewery. The system was installed in it's current location in approx 2014 and includes the following:

-10 bbl steam heated Pub Brewhouse - Combi system with kettle on the left and combi vessel on the right. BK/WP is 7ft tall x 64in od. Combi vessel is 8ft tall x 64in od. Kettle includes trub dam, steam stack, and condensate drip ring. Combi vessel has built in hydrator with slide gate, MLT with three piece valse bottom built above the hlt.

The brewhouse is not skid mounted but the platform includes brewhouse panel with vfd for pump, standard pub valve manifold, single stage thermaline heat exchanger, multi duty pump with firly new seal (thomsen), heat exchanger (rebuilt in the last 2-3 years)

Overall brewhouse measurements are 11-1/2ft long by 8ft deep. the platform is 38in tall at foot level.

-Columbia steam boiler - 1993 vintage but rebuilt in approx 2015 with new Honeywell burner controls, new float valves, new burner igniter and burner jets, This is a gas fored steam boiler that has been inspected within the last year and is in very good condition. Measurements are 6ft x 4ft x 7ft tall. Boiler includes condensate return tank and pump.

-Thomsen portable pump on cart, 1.5hp, cart mounted, wall mount vfd, 3ph

-(4) 20 bbl Pub Fermenters - 12ft tall x 4ft od. single zone cooling, 45drg cone, side manway, prv, cip, butterfly valves

-(1) 20 bbl Liquid Asset fermenter - same as the Pub fermenters

-(1) GW Kent small fermenter or yeast prop, approx 3 bbl, top manway door, carb stone racking arm, sample valve, PRV, 6ft tall x 40in od.

-(3) 40 bbl BSV fermenters, 11ft tall x 6ft od, cip, prv, racking arm, valves/fittings, dual zone cooling, 60deg cones, side manway, 4 legs with cross braces, new in approx 2015

-(1) 20 bbl BSV brite tank, 9ft tall x 64in od, carb stone, prv, cip, side manway, dual zone jacket on bottom and sidewall,

-Velo 3m DE filter, new in 2015, excellent shape

-(2) cellar control panels with digital controllers

-Roskamp (California Pellet Mill) 2 roll mill -
-Auger with drive
-Plastic grist case, 46in od x 68in tall

-(1) premier Stainless dual head semi auto keg washer
-(1) small tank- approx 2 bbl - designed as a hop back with false bottom but used as a caustic reservoir for cip. Tanks is on wheels and has a top lid
-(1) CASK Sams semi auto can filler/seamer with rinse rack
-(1) Meheen 6 head filler/crowner - used for sour beer packaging, new in approx 2015, well maintained
-(1) PackLeader PL501 pressure sensitive labeler with hot stamp, new 2015


Model10 bbl
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