Complete 20 bbl Production Brewery

Portland, OR

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Item is a complete 20 bbl production brewery that was originally installed in 2010/11. This is a turnkey system designed to produce several thousand bbl’s per year. This facility has ability to produce draft, bottled, and canned product and the brewhouse has earned several GABF and other awards. Included in the package are the following items:

-20 bbl Global Stainless Systems Brewhouse – steam fired, NEW in approx 2011
GSS Mash/Lauter tun -8ft od x 11ft tall to top of the drive motor, insulated and s/s clad with top mounted rake, vfd, side manway door for grain out, hydrator, multi port draw off, underlet cip.
GSS brewkettle/whirlpool -80 in od x 9ft tall, steam jacketed, top manway, tangential whirlpool inlet
Gss Whirlpool 80in od x 8ft tall
Brewhouse platform – 2ft wide x 15ft long x 42in base height – add 1ft depth for stairway, all stainless construction
Brewhouse control panel with touch screen and plc, brewers sink, sample station, grant with hi low level control, 3 brewhouse pumps plus additional hlt pump
Hot liquor tank – 3000 gallon Cherry Burrell, modified with internal steam calandria for heating, insulation and stainless cladding, 14ft tall x 86in od
* Total brewhouse dims are approx 21ft long x 8ft6in deep (plus brewery sink). This measurement does not include the hlt which sits off to the right side of the system.

-Smith steam boiler, model 28A, complete with condensate return tank, 9ft x 4ft x 6ft tall, gas fired, NEW in approx 2011

-Roskamp SP650 – 6 grain mill (1997), mill controls
-Auger to grist case
-Stainless steel grist case- 10ft6in tall x 4ft od, conical bottom on legs, 1600# cap
-Weightronix load cells (3) and digital display
-Scafco corrugated grain silo
-Auger from silo to mill room

Cellar consist of multiple jacketed tanks including:
-(4) Newlands conical fermenters, 11ft tall x 52in od, 2 cooling zones on the cone and sidewall, Ranco temp controllers, sand pipes in the bottom of each cone, sample valve, pressure gauge, and butterfly valves, built 1995, 22.6 gross volume / approx 17 bbl usable cap (approx 1997)
-(1) Specific Mechanical 20 bbl fermenter, side manway, 12ft tall x 54in od, dual zone sidewall jackets with insulated cone, 4 legs (unknown age)
-(3) BSV 40 bbl conical fermenters, 14ft tall x 6ft od, 3 zone cooling jackets on the cone and sidewall, side manway door, 4in dry hop port, valves and fittings (approx 2015)
-(1) Pioneer 40 bbl fermenter, 14ft tall x 66in od, side manway, jacketed sidewall and cone, valves/fittings (approx 2016)
-(2) Pioneer 80 bbl Fermenters, 17ft tall x 92in od, 3 zone cooling jackets, 6in dry hop port, racking arm, side manway door, valves/fittings (approx 2016)
-(2) Marks Fabrication 80 bbl fermenters – similar to the Pioneer tanks (approx 2016)

-G&D 27hp glycol chiller, dual 13.5 compressors, integrated reservoir with fan unit and coil, indoor/outdoor design (2011)
-3hp portable transfer pump on cart w/vfd – for beer transfer and cip (2011)
-Pall vertical cartridge filter (2011)

-(4) 20 bbl Bavarian Brewing single wall aging tanks, 13ft tall x 38in od, side manway, valves/fittings, carb stones
-(2) 40 bbl Bavarian Brewing single wall aging tanks, 13ft tall x 56in od, side manway, valves/fittings, carb stones
-(1) stainless 3 bin sink for valve and fitting clean up and (1) stainless table

Packaging Equipment
-(1) GSS 2 head automatic keg washer with controls
-(1) Wild Goose WGC250 4 head canning line with 1 head seamer, 7ft long x 3ft wide, set up for 202/12 oz can, 40 cans per minute operation with manual depalletizer measuring 10ft6in long x 44in wide x 102in tall, including can rinser of 6ft length, and tronix can coder, along with 4ft discharge conveyor and stainless work table, (approx 2015)
-(1) Meheen 6 head bottle filler/crowner set up for 22oz glass bottles, including Inline Paradign labeler, (approx 2014)

-800 sqft cold storage box with sliding door – approx 20ft tall


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