(4) Available - Used BSV (Blackstone) 15 bbl unitank fermenters

(4) Available - Used BSV (Blackstone) 15 bbl unitank fermenters

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Portland, OR

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(1) Available - These are used BSV (Blackstone) 15 bbl conical unitank fermenters. These tanks measure 115" tall x 58" outside diameter. They are desgned with side manway, cip, prv, sample port, carbonation stone port, racking port with rotating racking arm, 4" dry hop port with cap, and (4) legs with cross bracing and adjustable footpads. These tanks are designed with cooling jackets on the cone and sidewall. The jackets have been hydro tested and the tanks are offered with (3) butterfly valves, sample valve, carbstone, and prv. Theses tanks are in very good cosmetic and mechanicla condition. They are offered at a fraction of new cost and are ready to be installed.


ManufacturerBSV (Blackstone)
Stock Number8097