Used 15 bbl Direct Fired Brewhouse

Used 15 bbl Direct Fired Brewhouse

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Now Available - lightly used 15 bbl direct fired 3 vessel brewsystem. This system was installed new in approximatley 2017 and has seen limited use. It was installed with 15 bbl SK Prospero fermenters (available at additional cost). It remains in excellent shape with the following features -

-Brewers platform with control panel and pumps, dual stage heat exchanger, and misc piping

-Insulated and clad mash lauter tun with top manway, side manway for spent grain, milled false bottom, motorized rake with drop down grain out arm, sparge ring, CIP, underlet screen CIP, and multiport draw off.

-Brewkettle with enclosed insulated fire box, economite burner, dome top with manway, cip, trub dam, misc valves/fittings.

-Whirlpool vessel with tengential inlet, dome top, cip.

-Oversized HLT with firebox and direct fire forced air economite burner, voerflor protection, top manway, tank vent.

-Dual stage heat exchanger, approx 12M2

-Integrated grist hopper (mounts above MLT)


Model15bbl df brewhouse
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