2001 Posimat N12 Rotary Bottle Unscrambler

2001 Posimat N12 Rotary Bottle Unscrambler

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Item is a used Posimat rotary, bottle unscrambler model Access Series N 12. The machine is equipped with 12 funnels and is rated at a maximum output of 150 BPM depending on the bottle characteristics. Minimum bottle dimensions are 045mm x 100mm(round/square bottles) and 45mm x 25mm x 100mm (oval bottles). Maximum dimensions (diagonal dimensions of square sides) 090mm x 200mm (round/square bottles) and 90mm x 60mm x 20mm (oval bottles). The machine is currently set up for a dairy square pint bottle. The machine is equipped with an integral bottle hopper/elevator. The machine is designed to minimize bottle "scuff" as the bottle transfer function operates entirely on gravity. Bottles are deposited vertically on a vacuum conveyor belt. Power requirement is 460 volt/3-phase.


ModelN12 Rotary Bottle Unscrambler
Serial Number10124
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