Lanxess Velcorin DT6

Lanxess Velcorin DT6

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(1) Available - USed Lanxess Velcorin DT6 dosing machine. This system has been serviced regualry and remains in excellent condition.

VELCORIN® DT features: • consistent homogenous VELCORIN® dispersion • reliable dosing pump with high accuracy • VELCORIN® DT for 3 kg containers for small dosing systems (Model 3S–13S) • VELCORIN® DT with temperature-controlled stainless steel base unit for either 25 kg or 3 kg containers (Model 13L–75L) • designed for simple and safe operation

Information Display with features described below is available to enable easy access of process data. Infodisplay features: • easy-to-read display of nominal and actual values • automatic display of error messages, warnings and  maintenance intervals • overview of device-specific data

Estimated rating of 1200-7200L/hr depending upon product and use.


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