Used Wild Goose WG600 canning line

Used Wild Goose WG600 canning line

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Item is a used canning line set up to run 202 X 211 cans in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes.

The items included in the line are as follows:

SKA Fabrication model "Can-I-Bus, semi-automated, full height, can depalletizer.

This is a fully automatic machine once the pallet has been placed in the elevator

section, the straps removed, and the top frame removed, It is rated at 25-400 CPM

with appropriate accumulation and conveyance. The machine is set up with left side

discharge into a dual chute for either `12 oz. or 16 oz. cans.

The can chutes feed the Wild Goose 600, dual lane can filler/2 head seamer. Each

lane has 4 filling heads, one lid dispense and one seaming head and they work in

alternating sequence. Machine is capable of production rates to a maximum of 95


Cans are conveyed through a pair of Carleton helical inverters designed to invert the

cans for bottom coding and than return them to top up position. (The coder was

removed from the line as it was a leased machine).

Cans are then conveyed to the Pack Leader model 501 wrap style labeler which is

utilized for the labeling of "Brite" cans. If pre-decorated cans are utilized, the labeling

head is turned off and they conveyor only is utilized.

Cans are then discharged into the PakTech CCA 120 dual lane carrier applicator.

The machine is designed to apply quad, 6-pack, or 8 pack, PakTech carriers.

Machine utilizes Allen Bradley controls, PLC, and HMI. The packs are discharged for

packing into a mother case or tray.

Can line includes all conveyors, spare maintenance parts associated with the line as

well as manuals. There is not a non-contact coder included, but one can be supplied

at additional cost.


ManufacturerWild Goose
Stock Number8249