Used Criveller manual carbonated bottle filler - 4 head

Used Criveller manual carbonated bottle filler - 4 head

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(1) Available - This is a Criveller 4 head manual pressure filler for carbonated beverages. This machine is well suited for bottling beer, cider, kombucha, and other carbonated beverages in glass containers. The manufacturer specifications include:


  • Unit suitable to fill bottles with light, or heavy carbonated products such as wine, beer, cider, or juices
  • Unit is entirely stainless steel with teflon seals, pressure gauge and sight gauge included
  • Unit suitable to work with various sizes (12 oz – 35 oz)
  • Output: 4 bottles per minute (average)
  • Available in 4-spout models

Developed to meet the needs of breweries, the counter pressure filling machine has 4 filling spouts and is made entirely of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL. With its easy to use “2 stage” design, it is simple to pick up immediately.  A simple half pull of the level equalizes the container, and the full pull fills the container.  The design also allows for quick change out of the filler spout heads, to allow for different fill heights on different bottles throughout your process.

New cost is approximatley $10,500 and this machine is in excellent shape and ready to ship.


ModelManual Pressure Filler
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