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Manway Gasket for BSV Brewing Tanks 7158 Manway Gasket for BSV Brewing Tanks Brewing more info
Manwway Gasket for BSV (Blackstone Ventures) Brewing tanks. These gaskets are specifically made for our BSV brand unitank fermenters and brite tanks. Black EPDM construction. Shipped from our Portland, OR facility. Price per unti.
NS BSV Manual Keg Washer 7153 NS BSV Manual Keg Washer Winery, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a new stock BSV single head manual keg washer. This unit is designed and built in Portland, Oregon and is offered with warranty and technical support. BSV Manual Keg Wahser This machine is a manually-operated single head keg washer. It has two, 20-gallon tanks, one for cleaner, and one for sanitizer. TWO onboard pumps are included for the cleaning / sanitizing operations. The unit has manually operated ball valves for the water, air, CO2, cleaner and sanitizer, and also for the drain returns to each tank and the main drain. The machine uses genuine Micromatic high flow valves designed specifically for cleaning kegs (the best valves available). Also included is a 3,000 Watt heater with control. Features -Five hand-operated ball valves for process -Three hand-operated ball valves for drains -Approximately 30in. deep by 42in. wide, loading bars at 32in. Power Reference w/heater – 30 Amp, 230 V, three phase Optional - 3 head keg filling manifold - Add $950 We offer dedicated technical support with our keg washers. We also offer ssistance in setup and operation as well as an "in stock" supply of spare parts so that the machine owner can continue to utilize our machines for the long term!
Kinetics / Goldco Case Palletizer 7148 Kinetics / Goldco Case Palletizer Winery, Water, Petro, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used Kinetics/Goldco automatic low level case palletizer. This is a fully functional machine, currently in operation, but due for removal in May. It is PLC equipped and currently set up for a 40 x 48 standard grocery pallet. Operating voltage is 460 volt/3 phase. (Reason for removal - upgrade to faster machine).
NS BSV 7 bbl Mash/Lauter Tun 7147 NS BSV 7 bbl Mash/Lauter Tun Brewing, Beverage more info
-7bbl Mash/ Lauter tun - insulated, stainless clad, #4 finish, side manway door for grain out, top manway door, Optional -Motorized rake with drop down grain out arm - Add $5500 -Steam jacket - Add $1950
Thermaline Plate Heat Exchanger 7145 Thermaline Plate Heat Exchanger Winery, Pharma, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Thermaline heat exchanger. This is an all stainless steel machine having a plate size of approximately 9" x 32" with a total of 100 plates. It is mounted on a S/S frame with casters for portability..
New Stock Celler Hose 7143 New Stock Celler Hose Winery, Brewing, Beverage more info
This item is a new style beverage hose that we offer for use in the brewery, winery, distillery and food packaging industries. It is constructed of food grade EPDM white (or red) rubber. Additional details include: Tube: Food grade EPDM rubber white, FDA Cover: Flat corrugated EPDM rubber grey/red lined with clear Easyclean UHMW Reinforcement: Multiple Ply textile spirals Temperature Range: -30F to +220F The unique feature of this hose is the slick UHMW outer liner which helps the hose glide easily over all surfaces. The UHMW outer liner offers 98% chem resistance and is very durable and easy to clean. This is simpley the best brewers/vintners hose on the market at a price that us unbeatable. This hose is quoted by the foot and includes 1.5IN tc hose barbs assembled and ready to use. This price includes the sleave t/c fitting and bumper as shown in the photos.
NS BSV 120 hl Brite Tank 7136 NS BSV 120 hl Brite Tank Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a new stock BSV 120 hl jacketed brite beer tank, 304 s/s construction, side manway, dome top/dish bottom, three zone dimple jacket, insulated and s/s clad, 15 psi operating pressure, sight glass, PRV, CIP,sample valve, carb stone, thermowell, thermometer, 4-legs with adjustable feet, valves and clamps. Dimensions to be determined. Build time is 12-14 weeks and drawings will be available for review and approval within 2 weeks of order.
NS BSV 120 hl Fermenter 7135 NS BSV 120 hl Fermenter Brewing, Beverage more info
New Stock - 120 hl BSV Fermenter 120 hl Fermenter - Stainless Steel 304 construction, welded exterior, 3-zone jacket (cone and sidewall), insulated & S/S clad,15 psi operating pressure, side manway, 60 degree cone, thermowell, pressure/vacuum relief valve, racking arm, sampling valve, CIP arm & sprayball, clamps, gaskets, pressure gauge, three butterfly valves, 25% free headroom, 4 legs with cross bracing, Adjustable feet. Dimensions TBD

Page 14 of 59 out of 470 total items

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