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Mill Room Controls

Mill Room Controls 




This item is a package of mill room controls to support the mill/auger system we offer with our BSV brewhouses. Specifications are as follows: UL listed (with UL508a label) Mill Room Control Panel With remote Mount Stop Button including the following: 1. (Qty.1 each) UL NEMA 4X Mill Room Control panel including the following:  Wiring schematic provided DPS based on request received and below assumptions listed  Hardware selection based on supplied control panels following same structure.  Proposal assumes 208/230VAC 3 phase with neutral (for 120VAC) for supply voltage to control panel  Completed control panel to include: o NEMA Type 4x wall mount enclosure with back panel (estimated 30”h x 24” x 10”d (will be dependent on Flex Auger QTY. selected)) o Main incoming 3 pole Non-fused disconnect switch through the door disconnect handle, and adder block for incoming Neutral wire connection o Roller Mill (RM1) 3hp, 208vac 3ph, 11fla Controls include:  3pole din mount circuit breaker rated at 20amps  16amp starter w/120VAC coil including adjustable overload (11-17FLA)  Green Illuminated Start Push Button  Red Non-Illuminated Stop Push Button  RM1 motor will not run unless Flex Auger AG1 is running o (3 (will be dependent on Flex Auger Qty. selected)) Flex Augers (AG1, AG2, AG3) 3/4hp, 230vac 3ph, 3.5fla Controls include:  (3) 3pole din mount circuit breakers rated at 10amps each  (3) 9amp starters w/120VAC coil including adjustable overload (4- 6.3FLA)  (3) Green Illuminated Start Push Buttons  (3) Red Non-Illuminated Stop Push Buttons o 120VAC Control Function to include:  120VAC Single Pole din mount circuit breaker rated at 10amps  2 position Control Power “OFF-ON” selector switch  120VAC Ice Cube Relay wired for Field installed remote E-Stop to deenergize Control Panel  120VAC White Control Power Pilot Light for Control Power indication  120VAC Red Pilot light for indication of Remote Stop Push Button Pressed  DPS to supply phenolic labeling for door mounted devices based on layout example of previous project.  Control Panel field Terminal block interface for Control Connections  Customer source inspection included if requested prior to delivery.  Completed Control Panel to bare UL508a label BREWHOUSE CONTROL PANEL WITH 1 FLEX AUGER: $4647.93 BREWHOUSE CONTROL PANEL WITH 2 FLEX AUGERS: $4961.16 BREWHOUSE CONTROL PANEL WITH 3 FLEX AUGERS: $5133.81 ADDER OPTION:  DPS to supply for Customer install and wiring (1) Killark Remote Stop (E-STOP) Maintained Mushroom Head Single Hole PUSH-PULL Button Station for Hazardous locations: o Killark Model #FXCS-0MMR3 remote Push-Pull Station (Maintained) o Killark Model #FXB-2 Back Box for Push-Pull Station ADDER OPTION: $712.80 Quote price is for (1) auger system -Pricing noted above for multiple augers.

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