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Pack Leader P/S Wrap Labeler - Item #6881

Item is a New Stock Pack Leader PL-501 pressure sensitive wrap labeler. This machine is a new stock machine designed to label round containers. The specifications are as follows: Specs Type of Labels – Wrap Around Maximum Label Size – H 152mm x L 300mm (6” x 11.8”) Maximum Container Width – 101mm (4”) Range of Container Height – 6.35mm and up (0.25” and up) Conveyor Belt Width – 82.55mm (3.25”) Voltage – 110/220 VAC 50/60 HZ 1 Phase 20AMP Dedicated Power in KW – .760 Controls – DELTA Color Touch Screen Maximum Dispensing Speed – 40m/min (131.2’/min) Maximum Conveyor Speed – 22m/min (72.2’/min) *optional customization Spool Diameter – 356mm (14”) Inner Core – 76mm (3”) Drive – Stepper Motor Dimensions L-W-H – 2006mm x 1016mm x 1041mm (79” x 40” x 41”) Net Weight – Approx 150 kgs (330 lbs) Materials – Frame/main components made from #304 stainless steel & anodized aluminum Pricing: Series PL Model 501 - $20,995.00 Crating Charges - $395.00 Additional Options Clear Label Sensor - $1,350.00 ELF Hot Stamp Imprinter - $3,995.00 Type (per character) - $12.00 Ribbon (per roll) - $12.00 Recommended Spare Parts Kit (20% savings vs. buying separately) - $707.20 •Spare Parts Kit pricing subject to machine specializations/modifications

Mill Room Controls - Item #7456

This item is a package of mill room controls to support the mill/auger system we offer with our BSV brewhouses. Specifications are as follows: UL listed (with UL508a label) Mill Room Control Panel With remote Mount Stop Button including the following: 1. (Qty.1 each) UL NEMA 4X Mill Room Control panel including the following:  Wiring schematic provided DPS based on request received and below assumptions listed  Hardware selection based on supplied control panels following same structure.  Proposal assumes 208/230VAC 3 phase with neutral (for 120VAC) for supply voltage to control panel  Completed control panel to include: o NEMA Type 4x wall mount enclosure with back panel (estimated 30”h x 24” x 10”d (will be dependent on Flex Auger QTY. selected)) o Main incoming 3 pole Non-fused disconnect switch through the door disconnect handle, and adder block for incoming Neutral wire connection o Roller Mill (RM1) 3hp, 208vac 3ph, 11fla Controls include:  3pole din mount circuit breaker rated at 20amps  16amp starter w/120VAC coil including adjustable overload (11-17FLA)  Green Illuminated Start Push Button  Red Non-Illuminated Stop Push Button  RM1 motor will not run unless Flex Auger AG1 is running o (3 (will be dependent on Flex Auger Qty. selected)) Flex Augers (AG1, AG2, AG3) 3/4hp, 230vac 3ph, 3.5fla Controls include:  (3) 3pole din mount circuit breakers rated at 10amps each  (3) 9amp starters w/120VAC coil including adjustable overload (4- 6.3FLA)  (3) Green Illuminated Start Push Buttons  (3) Red Non-Illuminated Stop Push Buttons o 120VAC Control Function to include:  120VAC Single Pole din mount circuit breaker rated at 10amps  2 position Control Power “OFF-ON” selector switch  120VAC Ice Cube Relay wired for Field installed remote E-Stop to deenergize Control Panel  120VAC White Control Power Pilot Light for Control Power indication  120VAC Red Pilot light for indication of Remote Stop Push Button Pressed  DPS to supply phenolic labeling for door mounted devices based on layout example of previous project.  Control Panel field Terminal block interface for Control Connections  Customer source inspection included if requested prior to delivery.  Completed Control Panel to bare UL508a label BREWHOUSE CONTROL PANEL WITH 1 FLEX AUGER: $4647.93 BREWHOUSE CONTROL PANEL WITH 2 FLEX AUGERS: $4961.16 BREWHOUSE CONTROL PANEL WITH 3 FLEX AUGERS: $5133.81 ADDER OPTION:  DPS to supply for Customer install and wiring (1) Killark Remote Stop (E-STOP) Maintained Mushroom Head Single Hole PUSH-PULL Button Station for Hazardous locations: o Killark Model #FXCS-0MMR3 remote Push-Pull Station (Maintained) o Killark Model #FXB-2 Back Box for Push-Pull Station ADDER OPTION: $712.80 Quote price is for (1) auger system -Pricing noted above for multiple augers.

NS Letina 23,900L Jacketed Tank - Item #7455

Item is a new stock Letina 23900L closed top jacketed storage tank. Specifications are as follows: — volume approx. 23900 lit — coat diameter 2230 mm, height 6000 mm — total height approx. 6900 mm — 4 legs, height 500 mm, closed, adjustable M42 — conical centered bottom — conical off-centered top — manhole cover, dia. 400 mm, type N/240 — breath valve, DIN 50 — lifting lugs — ladder support — type plate with note card — thermometer, analog — sample tap, DIN 15 — level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled, open — manway door, oval, 440 x 340 mm, type CL — cooling jacket, 15 m2, max. 2.5 bar — thermowell — partial discharge, butterfly valve, TC 2" — total discharge, butterfly valve, TC 3" — material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle brushed outside

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Whether you are starting up a craft microbrewery or expanding an existing industrial beer brewing operation, Ager Tank & Equipment is the source for a wide range of high quality new and used commercial brewery equipment, from kettles and mash tuns to stainless steel beer fermentation and mix tanks to packaging equipment like fillers, cappers and case handling machinery. Our expertise with brewing process equipment can save you time and money on expansions and upgrades — and at a fair price.

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