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Elevated Hopper/Sorting table

Elevated Hopper/Sorting table 




Item is a used, (manufactured in 2010) elevated, receiving hopper/sorting table. The table is vibratory and is mounted on an all stainless steel frame. The fruit receiving hopper measures approximately 8' long and 5' wide. The table elevation is approximately 8'6" high and the hopper adds approximately 2'6" to that height. A stainless steel walkway with appropriate railings and kick plates is included. This system originally discharged into a Bucher/Vaslin E-4 destemmer (Item #7023)which is no longer available). The destemmer discharged onto a second, vibratory sorting table . This is a Vaucher/Beguet, 2 zone table measuring 30 Inches wide and approximately 13 feet long (Individual Item #7024)

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