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Used Specific Mechanical 20 bbl Fermenter 7464 Used Specific Mechanical 20 bbl Fermenter Winery, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used 20 bbl fermenter that appears to be built by Specific Mechanical. The tank is in good condition and currently in operation in a brewery. It is 12ft tall x 56in OD. It is equipped with dual zone jackets, side manway, cip, prv, and valves. Price includes removal and loading.
Used Smith Steam Boiler 7463 Used Smith Steam Boiler Winery, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a used Smith 51 HP low pressure steam boiler that was built new in 2011 and installed in a brewery. It is a model 28A-7, complete with condensate return tank and pump. Dimensions are 9ft x 4ft x 6ft tall. This is a gas fired boiler that remains in excellent shape and is currently in use but scheduled for removal by end of December 2019. STANDARD FEATURES • Cast iron wet base sections tested for 80 psi working pressure, 15 psi steam working pressure • Insulated metal jacket • Burner mounting plate with insulation block • Front and rear flame observation ports • Steel angle floor rails • Ceramic fiber rope seal between sections • Graphite port connectors • Flue brush • Manual reset hi-limit • Operating control
TMCI Padovan Cross Flow Filter 7460 TMCI Padovan Cross Flow Filter Winery, Brewing, Beverage more info
Padovan TMCI Cross Flow Filter Nitor CSA 3/6 Yr. 2004 60 m^2 filter, with option of closing half of filtration loop to have 30 m^2 ( each loop has independent recycle pumps) This filter was not used as a lees filter Typically filtered 100 NTU or less and would typically process approx 1200 gallons per hour. I am told by the production mannager that the machine was used for wine but works better for cider filtration. The machine was serviced by the manufacturers representative shortly before removal from service. The membranes are servicable and still have some life. Need to confirm there may be additional new membranes with the machine. Price includes spare parts and manuals
Nercon Warming/Pasteurizing tunnel 7459 Nercon Warming/Pasteurizing tunnel Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Nercon 8' x 28' bottle warming/ pasteurizer tunnel. This machine is S/S construction w/plastic mat-top belting. Included are (3) Bell & Gossett 3 HP pumps. This unit includes 15" crossover to 24" infeed w/drive motor and 11'4" of 24" conveyor on the discharge w/drive motor. Product clearance height is 13". S/S control panel w/A-B Processor. Once the machine is in house we plan the following: -Machine will be set up for three zones. Pumps will be reconditioned as needed (seals, motor bearings, etc.) -Individual drain zone tanks modified as needed -Spray nozzles replaced and pattern altered as needed -Tube in shell heat exchangers replaced and upgraded for steam to water heat transfer -Reconfigure plumbing as required -Perpendicular infeed and discharge conveyors provided -Air knife for the discharge conveyor will be provided -New steam exhaust vent blower will be installed over primary heat zone -Upgraded control panel for process controls and mechanical controls
NS Letina  23,900L Jacketed Tank 7455 NS Letina 23,900L Jacketed Tank Winery, Water, Food, Brewing, Beverage more info
Item is a new stock Letina 23900L closed top jacketed storage tank. Specifications are as follows: — volume approx. 23900 lit — coat diameter 2230 mm, height 6000 mm — total height approx. 6900 mm — 4 legs, height 500 mm, closed, adjustable M42 — conical centered bottom — conical off-centered top — manhole cover, dia. 400 mm, type N/240 — breath valve, DIN 50 — lifting lugs — ladder support — type plate with note card — thermometer, analog — sample tap, DIN 15 — level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled, open — manway door, oval, 440 x 340 mm, type CL — cooling jacket, 15 m2, max. 2.5 bar — thermowell — partial discharge, butterfly valve, TC 2" — total discharge, butterfly valve, TC 3" — material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle brushed outside
White Cap Steam capper 7453 White Cap Steam capper Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used, Continental White Cap vapor vacuum, automatic capping machine. Machine was manufactured in 2001 The hopper/sorter is a model 6R17 and can handle cap sizes of 27mm-89mm RTO caps; 38mm-70mm TT caps; and 30mm-38mm MTO caps. Machine is capable of production rates of 150-300 BPM depending on container and closure characteristics. It is currently set up for 460 volt/3 phase power.
Elmar rotary Piston Filler 7452 Elmar rotary Piston Filler Pharma, Petro, Food, Beverage more info
Item is a used Elmar rotary piston filler. This is a 14 station machine with counter-clockwise rotation with tangential discharge. Machine has feedscrew infeed w/no container/no fill mechanism. Container diameter range is from 2 1/8" to 4 1/4". Minimum-maximum fill capacity with the existing pistons/cylinders is 1.5 - 13 fluid oz. The filler bowl capacity is 25 gallons. Piston size is 1 7/8" x 11". S/S base. Previous use was in food facility.
Used 20 bbl GSS Brewhouse 7451 Used 20 bbl GSS Brewhouse Winery, Brewing, Beverage more info
US Built - Item is a used GSS 20 bbl steam brewhouse. This system was built new in 2011 in Portland, Oregon and is currently installed in a brewery. Included are the following components: -20 bbl Global Stainless Systems Brewhouse – steam fired, NEW in approx 2011 GSS Mash/Lauter tun -8ft od x 11ft tall to top of the drive motor, insulated and s/s clad with top mounted rake, vfd, side manway door for grain out, hydrator, multi port draw off, underlet cip. GSS brewkettle/whirlpool -80 in od x 9ft tall, steam jacketed, top manway, tangential whirlpool inlet Gss Whirlpool 80in od x 8ft tall Brewhouse platform – 2ft wide x 15ft long x 42in base height – add 1ft depth for stairway, all stainless construction Brewhouse control panel with touch screen and plc, brewers sink, sample station, grant with hi low level control, 3 brewhouse pumps * Total brewhouse dims are approx 21ft long x 8ft6in deep (plus brewery sink). This measurement does not include a hlt.

Page 4 of 63 out of 501 total items

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